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Well Everyone…We’ve been given the Green Light, by the Governor, to open back up on Monday, MAY 18th!! A couple of notes as we open back up:

1) Our Stylists will be working A and B Schedules–>A–Mon, Wed, Fri and B–Tues, Thurs, Sat. Each Stylist will be working hard to contact all of their clients to schedule appointments throughout this week, beginning with those who have missed appointments, previously scheduled, due to the closure.

2) Safety and the health of all is of the upmost importance as we open back up.
A) If you have experienced any of the symptoms of Covid-19 within the past 2 weeks, please wait to schedule your appointment, until it is safe to do so.
B) With that said, in the Spirit of Social Distancing, for now, we will not be able to take Walk-Ins, Please call to make an appointment @ (843)249-7804
C) Please arrive just prior to your appointment time, to prevent too many clients from waiting in the reception area at any given time. The Stylists will be working hard to stay on time.?

**Rest assured, We have taken all precautions, prior to opening, per the guidelines set by The CDC in regards to Cleaning and Sanitization. As we move forward, and for next few weeks, Andee will be at the salon, Mon-Sat, to assure that all Covid-19 Protocols are followed…We are EXCITED to welcome back our Clients and Can’t wait to see what DIY hairstyles were attempted during this time!!??